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Naevius YouTube Converter (version 3.1). 

Naevius YouTube Converter is a convenient tool to download and convert your favorite videos from YouTube website into the standard AVI DivX video format. To download a video to your computer, enter the YouTube URL for the video, click Start button. It will be downloaded and converted in AVI format - use Windows Media Player or another compatible player to view it.
Unlike other similar services, YouTube Video allows only viewing video inside client's browser (YouTube's video player is designed to be used within your browser as an Internet experience), and currently you can't download our videos to your computer. But it can be easily downloaded and converted to the common "avi" format with Naevius YouTube Converter!

Mar 23, 2013 - YouTube has updated their website in a way that breaks Naevius YouTube Converter 2.9 and older. Please download updated version 3.1 here.

How Naevius YouTube Converter Works.

1. Run Naevius YouTube Converter.
2. Enter the YouTube URL
(example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4JiacBPZA7Y).
3. Click "Start" button to download and convert YouTube Video to AVI format.
4. As result will be AVI DivX file.



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How to buy.

First of all, we would like to notify you that Naevius YouTube Converter has a 21-day trial period just download a trial version here and feel free to "test drive" it. Have you already tried it, loved it and would like to use it longer than the trial period? Then this is the place where you can purchase the license. 

After placing the order, you receive a registration key that you should enter into the trial version to unlock it and continue using the software without any time and functionality limitations. 

The fastest, easiest and most secure way to purchase a license is to buy it online at a secure server and pay using a credit or debit card or PayPal. However, there are many alternative methods of payment, including Purchase Orders for large organizations that can't pay online.

100% Unconditional Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee! 

That's right - if you should not be satisfied with our software for any reason whatsoever, just let us know within 30 days of purchase, and we will refund your order in full. No questions asked.

Registration key will be sent to you on receipt of payment.

Tech support and upgrades are free forever for registered users.

Frequently Asked Quesions about Naevius YouTube Converter.

Q: What is YouTube video?
YouTube is an Internet website that specializes in publishing user-posted video clips. As of early 2007 YouTube is one of the top ten most popular websites on the Internet. Started in late 2005, the site was purchased one year later by Google for over one and a half billion dollars. During that time the website amassed a fanbase of over twenty million users, mostly teens and young adults. Two million videos are added to YouTube's stock of 100 million videos every month. While much of the content consists of original amateur home video, many advertisers and media producers are now providing professional content. Media giants CBS, EMI Group, Universal MG, Sony BMG, and Warner MG have all agreed to either provide content to YouTube, or to license their respective copyrighted material for use in independent videos released on the site.

YouTube is built upon standardized, readily-available technologies. Videos can be uploaded in the user's choice of Audio Video Interleave (avi), QuickTime (mov), Moving Picture Experts Group (mpeg), or Windows Media Video (wmv) formats. YouTube's servers automatically convert the video and serve it as Flash Video (flv) format. This provides a mostly hardware- and software- independent solution for YouTube users, as most video recoding devices from cellphones to professional-grade video cameras can record in one of the accepted formats, and the Adobe Flash browser plugin allows videos to be played in any major web browser on all major computer operating systems. Additionally, YouTube encourages the syndication of its videos on users' webpages and blogs by providing the HTML code necessary for such integration. While YouTube does not actively prevent users from downloading video clips to their computers, it does discourage the practice.

Like most other social-networking sites, YouTube has been the focus of much controversy. Issues regarding sensitive political and personal topics have seen the site banned in several countries including Brazil, Turkey, and India. Popular, controversial videos such as the Saddam Hussein hanging and Naruto anime have seen the topic of YouTube blocking raised again and again in public schools and libraries. Borderline porn such as the Brazilian actress Cicarelli Daniela sex-on-the-beach video have given legitimacy to such concerns. Although YouTube bans the distribution of pornography, much questionable content is available on the site. Due to the non-text and ever-changing nature of YouTube, parental controls and filters are often ineffective at blocking specific videos or portions of the site.
Q: I can't play any of the converted files because I keep getting a "Cannot Play the file" message.
A: Download and install DivX video codec.
Q: Allow Naevius YouTube Downloader through the Windows 7 Firewall.
1. Open Control Panel in the Start menu.
2. Open Windows Firewall in the Control Panel. 
3. Select Allow a program or feature through Windows Firewall in the left column of the Windows Firewall window. 
4. Click the Change settings button in the Allowed Programs window. 
5. Click the Allow another program button.
6. Click Browse to find it, and then click Add.
"C:\Program Files\Naevius YouTube Converter\ytconv.exe"
7. Check off whether you want to open it up to a home/work (private), public, or both for all networks and then click OK to save the settings. 
Why is my video upside down when I watch it???
  1. Uninstall all DivX video codecs.
  2. Download and install latest version of DivX video codec.
Q: Hope you fine, please advice how I can use "Naevius YouTube Converter" at my pc if I have a server and firewall? Hope that you have a solution.
  1. start-control panel-windows firewall.
  2. select exception tab.
  3. click "Add Program...".
  4. Enter "C:\Program Files\Naevius YouTube ---
Q: How can I remove the DivX logo on the converted video?
  1. Play your AVI file with Windows Media Player. 
  2. In playing time click to DivX tray icon.
  3. Select item "DivX Toolbar Settings..." (screenshot).
  4. Clear checkbox "Show DivX logo watermark" (screenshot).
  5. Click "OK" button.
Q: What OS support the program?
A: OS Support: Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/2003.

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